Heal wounds, manifest intentions, Mark life changes, and embody your wholeness with personal transformative ritual.

Ritual is a way to have a conversation with your deepest self. Planning a personal transformative ritual is an opportunity to look deeper at what makes you who you are and mindfully invite all of your Self to meet the Present in your fullness.

I would like to help you explore the symbols of your culture, your family, your past, your present, your future, your imagination, your life, and design a personal transformative ritual to help you move through big and small changes in your life. Schedule a session to explore the possibilities with me!


For transitions such as coming of age, marriage, moving, a new home, the birth of a child, menopause, the death of a loved one, divorce, starting or ending something meaningful to you, inviting particular energy or manifestations into your life, connecting with passed loved ones, or your own end of life preparations, a ceremony helps align your intentions with the Divine, creator, your Higher Power, your guides, angels, the invisible forces at work in our lives, whatever your word for them may be.

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Community Transformative Rituals honor changes small and large, and can support the changes your community is excited to create…

House blessings, family gatherings, creating new traditions, weekly community rituals, celebrating an accomplishment, saying goodbye to a community member, changing how you do things as a community, letting go of old ways and welcoming new ones, all benefit from intentionality, mindfulness, and ceremony. Accessing the collective unconscious with symbols and having a shared ceremonial or ritual experience creates bonds, memories, and transformation. I would love to help plan and facilitate ceremonies for your family, work place, or other meaningful community.