What is reiki/energy work?

Reiki is the transfer of energy through the practitioner to you: your body recognizes the energy and sets it to work both to relax you and to accelerate your body’s natural ability to bring balance and healing to you and your life. At Deerheart, I combine reiki with intuitive energy reading and clearing tools such as toning (singing), crystals, and plant essences. You will experience a mixed modality session that helps move stagnant energy, remove negativity, and bring peace and calm to your system.

When you arrive for your session, we will spend some time talking about why you have come, what you hope to get out of our time together, and what your own intuition is telling you about what you need to create the life you dream for yourself. We will align our intentions and ask our Higher Power(s), guides, ancestors, whatever unseen forces are meaningful to you, to guide us in our work during our time together. When it’s time, you will lie on the treatment table, fully clothed, apart from your shoes. You will receive the reiki energy through my hands as they hover just above you. I may rest my hands on you or apply gentle pressure. I may sing, place crystals on you, brush you with feathers, smudge you with herbs, offer you flower essence tinctures, or share words of wisdom that I am hearing from your ancestors or mine. I often feel a shift in my client’s energy at some point (as do my clients). This is a natural point to let you then rest on the table for some moments, absorbing the sensations in your body, reveling in the deep relaxation that reiki brings, before ending our session.

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I was given the reiki attunements by a reiki master who saw in me what other elders and teachers had told me for decades. I am a natural healer. Since I was a child I have had prophetic dreams, or seen things before they happened. I sometimes get messages for people from their loved ones who have crossed over, random people at the airport even! I have been asked by acquaintances after short conversations, “Are you a healer?” It’s just my nature.

It took me many years to come to trust myself, my intuitive gifts, and my ability to transfer energy from the Great All That Is to others. It took many more years to discover my way of doing this work. As a bicultural, light skinned Native woman with both European and American Indian ancestors, I was exposed to a lot of different modalities that needed parsing through. The internal conflict of carrying both lineages, the colonizers and the colonized, and the mixed messages of white dominant culture objectifying and fetishizing Native people and Native ways while simultaneously denigrating and decimating our culture and our people left me cut into pieces, one minute proud and angry, the next ashamed and afraid, all the while trying to heal myself of the ancestral trauma, the childhood trauma, the traumas of addiction that kept me from my truth, my gifts, my path.

My own journey has taught me some things. Each person I meet teaches me more. I am offering this reiki/energy work to give what I’ve learned to others. I offer my gifts that you might find healing and integration on your path, as I have.